Organizational Structure and Implementation Planning

The Project Safety Net (PSN) Executive Committee is working on the following goals with the generous support of Santa Clara County Mental Health Department. Our objective is to create a sustainable organizational structure for PSN and build upon the ongoing implementation of the 22 strategies articulated in the July 2010 PSN Report. We have 5 strategic planning meetings scheduled between March and May 2011 and hope to present the group’s best thinking to the PSN Community Task Force and the City School Liaison Committee in June 2011. Strategic Planning Goals:
  1. PSN mission clarity – transition from crisis response to sustainable social change for youth well-being
  2. Clarity on priorities, timelines and metrics of pre-stated PSN strategies
  3. Organizational structure of PSN, protocols for decision making, number of committees and how they intersect. Organizational design to be mindful of limited District and City resources
  4.  A defined fiscal agent
  5. Funding sources for PSN coordination and related programs and services
  6. A communications plan for PSN to keep the community informed on progress and how they can get involved
  7. A blueprint (or case study) for how other municipalities can organize a grassroots effort for suicide prevention and support the social and emotional well-being of youth.