The Strategic Road Map describes an effective, comprehensive, community-based  plan for overall youth well-being and suicide prevention in Palo Alto. The plan draws on our nation’s best known practices for community-based mental health and suicide prevention. The Palo Alto community has a long history of community collaboration in support of youth and teens. The recommendations in this plan should be viewed as building on the strengths of existing community collaborations and efforts in support of youth and teens. Moreover, this plan should be viewed as a work in progress; a beginning rather than an end toward greater suicide prevention and social / emotional health for youth and teens in Palo Alto. This Strategic Plan represents the best collective thinking of local and national experts, Palo Alto’s community leaders, parents and students on how we as a community should proceed, as we strive to realize the Project Safety Net (PSN) problem statement, to develop and implement an effective, comprehensive, community-based mental health plan for overall youth well-being in Palo Alto.  Learn more about the PSN 2017-2020 Strategic Road Map.

Problem Statement

The Palo Alto community struggles with the pain and loss of youth to suicide. There is urgency for ongoing, coordinated community action to promote youth well-being and prevent suicide.

Values & Guiding Principals Used in Developing the Strategic Plan

Collaboration: We effect change through the connections, creativity and contributions of out entire community working together. Hope: We are committed to preventing the most preventable form of death, suicide. Courage: We face suicide related stigma with strength and perseverance. Integrity: We act with honesty and sincerity. Cultural Awareness and Engagement: Sensitivity and respect for diverse individuals and communities guide our efforts. Learning: Best practice and ongoing reflection advance our work.