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  • Epi-Aid Investigation in Palo Alto Update:
    • The CDC Epi-Aid  final report was published on March 3rd. It is posted on the Santa Clara County Department of Public Health Website with a message from its public health director Dr. Sara Cody.  A response from PSN Executive Director Mary Gloner can be viewed here.
    • You’re invited: CDC Epi-Aid Community Forum on March 22nd, 6:30-8:30 pm at Cubberley Community Center in Palo Alto!  Please join Project Safety Net, the Santa Clara County Department of Public Health and other experts to review the final Epi-Aid report, answer questions, and learn how to get involved to support youth well-being. View the Epi-Aid Community Forum agenda here. The community forum is free and open to the public.  Onsite childcare (6 months-12 years) and light refreshments will be provided, and Spanish/Chinese language translation services may be available upon request. RSVP:
    • Epi-Aid Community Coordinating Committee is co-chaired by the Santa Clara Public Health Department and Project Safety Net.  The committee represents five jurisdictions: Community, Education, Government, Healthcare Systems and Members-at-Large.  The committee’s primary objectives are the following: (1.) Review preliminary and final CDC/SAMHSA reports (2.) Develop and execute dissemination plan for CDC/SAMHSA reports and (3.) Review CDC/SAMHSA recommendations. Download the latest Epi-Aid CCC member list.
    • Because the Epi-Aid could not include new data collection in the field, Project Safety Net implemented a community survey in Palo Alto to better understand local perceptions around youth suicide and prevention, which they will share with all partners involved in the Epi-Aid process. They also partnered with the Palo Alto Unified School District and the City of Palo Alto to hold conversations with youth involved in suicide prevention activities, which will similarly be shared with all involved.
    • For the latest updates, please check this website frequently.  For general information, please  link to the Epi-Aid OverviewCDC/SAMHSA field visit and Epi-Aid Investigation FAQs.
Epi-Aid Community Coordination Committee Epi-Aid Community Coordination Committee (Epi-Aid CCC) is co-chaired by Dr. Sara Cody, Santa Clara County Public Health Department and Mary Gloner, Project Safety Net.  Committee members have expertise in their jurisdiction and the ability to mobilize their constituency.  Members have been meeting in response to the Epi-Aid Investigation on youth suicide in Santa Clara County. The committee’s objectives are the following:
  1. Coordinate activities pertaining to CDC/SAMHA Epi-Aid Investigation:
  2. Review the preliminary and final Epi-Aid report;
  3. Develop and execute a dissemination plan for the Epi-Aid report; and
  4. Develop and communicate recommendations
If you would like more information , please contact the respective member in your jurisdiction or feel free to email Download the latest Epi-Aid CCC member list.
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